GPS Features

What information does GPS tracking provide?

GPS tracking is often thought of as a “spy gadget”, allowing others to know the location of a vehicle, and thus a person, in real time. However, this is only one small component of the information that GPS technology provides. In fact, for years law enforcement, municipalities, and cargo/fleet tracking companies have relied on GPS technology to keep watch over their employees, assets, and interests. Some examples of the valuable information afforded through GPS are as follows:

  • Location (Real-Time)
  • Historical Playback of Location
  • Routes of Travel
  • Speed of Travel
  • Stops (Frequency and Length)
  • Erratic Driving Indicators

As you can see, there is a host of information that can be gleaned from GPS tracking. Whether you are a small business owner tracking employees, a concerned parent monitoring your teen, or a suspicious spouse seeking the truth, GPS technology offers a variety of benefits to its users.

What do the GPS reports look like?

When you rent a GPS unit, you grant yourself access to a host of valuable information. From real-time location tracking, to speeding reports, to mileage by state traveled, you can pull any number of reports from the user-friendly dashboard. Some of the helpful reports you can access through your account dashboard include:

  • Aggressive Driving Reports
  • Excessive Idling Reports
  • Speeding Reports
  • Trip Detail Reports
  • Device Mileage Reports
  • Hours of Operation Reports

See our clean, user-friendly report format by clicking the following image.

Can I track my vehicle on my smartphone?

Absolutely! While the desktop GPS login contains all the features our customers have grown to love (including CUSTOMIZABLE reports), there is also a mobile GPS login which allows customers to track their vehicles on-the-go. With 24/7 login access, you can follow your vehicle – IN REAL-TIME – utilizing Google mapping with full zoom in and zoom out capabilities.

Legal Considerations

Can I use a GPS unit to track any vehicle I want?

No. As with any matter involving privacy, as well as the safety and security of others, there are specific legal parameters which must be adhered to when utilizing GPS tracking. One cannot simply install GPS devices on any vehicle of choice. Without question, whenever a GPS device is installed on a vehicle, a title holder of the vehicle MUST be aware of the device AND approve of the device. This means, if you are the legal owner of a vehicle, and you desire to install a GPS tracking unit, you may. If you are NOT a legal title holder to the vehicle to be tracked, under NO circumstances may you install a GPS device.

Can I use a GPS to find out if my spouse is cheating?

As a general rule, GPS tracking is an option for you if you are a titled owner of the vehicle to be tracked. Therefore, if you believe that your spouse is cheating, and wish to install a GPS unit to determine your spouse’s whereabouts, you should be free to do so if you possess legal title. However, there are always exceptions to the rules and legal parameters do vary depending on jurisdiction. We strongly urge that you verify your state’s laws regarding GPS usage.

Remember: Under no circumstances should you place a GPS unit on a vehicle for which you do not hold title.

I'm marrying the title-holder...can I use a GPS tracker?

The requirement for legal title of the vehicle is perhaps the most difficult aspect for some to accept. We receive questions like this time and again. No matter how the question gets framed, the ultimate point is that an individual wishes to track/follow a vehicle that he or she does not own. Regardless of how creative the question, the answer always remains a resounding “NO”. The requirement to bear legal title of the vehicle is unwavering policy since it is directly established by law.

Again, if you do not own the vehicle, as evidenced by your name on the vehicle title, than you absolutely CANNOT use GPS technology to track the vehicle. Period.

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